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Yuri Amagake (天翔 優利, Amagake Yūri) is a character in Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting series. She is a second year high school student and has the ability to quintuple her physical abilities.


Yuri is a young girl with long blond hair and has a left side tail with two red ball hairpins.


Compared to most other characters Yuri is usually the most anxious taking that she is just a normal civillian, however she is also very strong willed and is always true to her beliefs, and, with her being a physical fighter, she became more used to what's happening around her.

Yuri does show several times a strong amount of bravery and determination, going through several foes and going on until she either win or lose, that or someone else is on stakes.

Thanks to her upbringing maybe, Yuri shows a small amount of tendency towards violence, as she usually hits Akira whenever he does something dangerous or something that embarrasses her, as she is shy, despite that she enjoys romances a lot and has a crush towards him, even sometimes fantasizes about it

Another trait she has thanks her upbringing (and a more positive one) is that Yuri holds a belief against coincidences, taking how her mother treated her during childhood she became willing to prove a meaning to her and others' existence.


Yuri hates the word "chance" as by "chance" she had been having lots of bad luck: a small dog barks only at her, her pants flash on national TV or even giving a handkerchief to a victim turns out he is a perverted stalker, who then goes after her. Her mother's new boyfriend has a daughter and they leave it to Yuri to look after. One day she saw a boy wanting to jump off from a building. As she goes to him, she finds out its the perverted stalker. She still decides to help him, but he ends up falling and taking her down with him.

She wakes up in a place, where Mion explains the rules and that the people are there to participate in a test, Yuri asks why were they chosen and Mion comments its just by chance.

While in her room to test her ability, she is angry that she is there by "chance". After reading about her ability, she tries it out and punches the wall, causing it to break.

During the first program one on one fights, she faces Kazuto Kiryu, who is perverted man who likes school girls. As they start fighting, he manages to catch her and reveals that he was paying school girls for sex, but as one learned his name and tries to blackmail him, he beat her. After that he started to train his body and abuse more girls. Hearing this makes her angry and using her ability she frees herself and knocks him out.

During the second program, she is teamed with four others. In the team battle one on one, she faces Oji Hoshino, the perverted stalker she once helped. Seeing him, she instantly gets angry, blaming him for her situation right now and wanting to beat him right away. Oji comments its must be fate they are brought together and wants to marry her, which only annoys Yuri more. Stepping on the ring, Oji invites Yuri to punch him as much as she likes as his ability makes him tough as steel. In a moment Yuri closes the distances and punches him out of the ring.


  • Yuri

    Handcuffs: These handcuffs serve to seal Yuuri's ability. When the red light turning in green signals, it means that the lock has been released. Five seconds after it turns green, you will regain the use of your hands as well as your abilities. The further journey in the series the handcuffs is only use in the game but in the outside world the handcuff is useless anymore.

Wrath of God[]

[鬼神 (きじん), lit. Kijin] (other names: Demon God, Fierce God)

  • Description: the ability to quintuple your physical abilities.
    • It is the ability of Yuri which increases her physical capabilities up to five times, making her stronger, faster, and more durable.
      • Unleashing an attack while her strength is multiplied by five is extremely powerful. Furthermore, her body become hardy enough to withstand the ability feedback when activated.
      • The downside of this ability is that it requires a significant amount of time and training to be used..... or so they say, but Yuri somehow manages to get by on instinct alone.