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Shin Kumagiri (熊切 真, Kumagiri Shin) is a character in Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting series. He is a pro wrestler and his ability allows him to become invincible for 2 seconds.


Shin is a large man with developed muscle. He has a long dark blue hair and wears a bandana.


Despite his intimidating appearance, Shin is a person with a strong sense of justice. He has always idolised super heroes and tries to live to their ideal. Because of that he hates injustice and always tries to find a way to save everyone.


When Mion explains the rules and that the people are there to participate in a test, Shin asks her who she is and where are they, but Mion can't reveal that. Shin then asks why she killed a man and Mion tells him to teach them a lesson.

During the second program, Shin is teamed with four others; Satoru Sawatari, Yuri Amagake, Akira Shiroyanagi and Madoka Kirisaki. While in waiting for the second program to start, they reveal their abilities, but Shin explains that he read what his ability is, but he didn't use it in the first program and still doesn't intend to use it.

They face another five-man team where they need to fight them 1 on 1. Shin's opponent is Ringo Tatara and as the match starts, he rushes at her, but as she raises her hand, he stops to await for her attack, but is surprised that Ringo just announces her defeat.

During the third program, Shin saves Hareka Ninomiya from the Red Team, creating a bond with the girl. He then reunites with Akira and Yuri in the Green Team base and eventually joins them in the battle against the Red Team.

During the battle he is confronted by Yuki Setoguchi. Yuki manages to dominate the battle using his ability to shrink high-density threads, cutting off a hand and a foot from Shin. However, before being able to cut off his head, Hareka propelled him into the wind. Yuki tries to kill her with a knife, but Shin protects her by activating his ability to being invincible and defeats Yuki by stomping him on the ground.

Shin then advances to the fourth program as one of the twelve of Mion's team.


  • Unbreakable Form

    Handcuffs: These handcuffs serves to seal Shin's ability. When the red light turning in green signals, it means that the lock has been released. Five seconds after it turns green, you will regain the use of your hands as well as your abilities.

Vajrapani [Unbreakable][]

(金剛手, lit. kongōshu)

  • Description: The user ability becomes invincible for 2 seconds.
    • It is the ability of Shin which consists of a black armor that is as hard as tungsten which cannot be penetrated even with bullets or blades giving him a large boost in defense. However, this form makes him less agile and gives him reduced reflexes. The cooldown duration of the ability is unknown.
    • Unbreakable Form [Anime]

      His understanding of his ability:
      1. All attacks become ineffective and he becomes invulnerable for 2 seconds. However, there is a cooldown period that prevents him from using it multiple times in a row.
      2. His appearance is based on his mental image of invulnerability. Thus, his appearance is based of his older brother's wrestling character, Nightmask. Even though his older brother died unexpectedly, Kumagiri followed in his footsteps and become a pro wrestling himself. Now, the ability serves as their culmination as the ultimate tag team.
Spoilers here!
In the newest chapter, Kumagiri's ability was used repeatedly during a 10 to 30 second period, the specific amount of time cannot be assessed due to there being no indicator of time.