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Mion (魅音, Mion) is a character and an antagonist in Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting series. She is an observer in the program and has the ability to create illusions to fool others.


Mion looks like a young girl with a short purple hair and purple eyes. She dresses like a magician with a short skirt and wears a hat with cat ears and a cane. She also has a cat tail.


Despite appearing cheerful and cute, Mion is an evil, twisted sadist. She enjoys seeing people struggle through cruel trials and torment with no show of remorse.


Mion intercepts Akira Shiroyanagi in an abandoned building, stating she predicted he will come but didn't expect him to defeat her "pet", yet it's still a "scripted loss" for him. Being a sore loser, she decided to cheat Akira out of his victory and blows his right arm and side, leaving him to die from blood loss.

Later, Akira is brought to the program. Mion comes out on a stage and introduces herself as a magician. She explains they are considered dead for the outside world and will be testers in their new game. One of the men attacks her, but she turns her hand into a cannon and blows a hole in him. Mion explains each had been given an ability. However the handcuffs prevent them from using their abilities and they can use it five seconds after the handcuffs are off. She reveals she knows a lot about each person, and allows time for questions, but only a few ask questions which she isn't allowed to answer. Mion tells the testers that if they are deemed useless, they will be disposed of.

Yan comes and explains that the first program would be 1 on 1 battles and each will be given 20 hours to prepare and learn their ability.



Description: Mion's ability relies on illusions. She is able to create deadly magic tricks.

Illusions are (in chronological order):