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Madoka Kirisaki (霧崎 円, Kirisaki Madoka) is a character in Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting series. He is a third year high schooler who has the ability to turn wood into blades.


Madoka is a young man with medium long brown hair.

He usually wears a dark-red headband which covers his eyebrows.



He was taken to the program after having a motorcycle accident.

For the first program, Madoka faces Akira Shiroyanagi in a 1 on 1 fight and they are placed in a classroom arena, causing Madoka to comment he hate school. Madoka tells Akira to give up as the match start or he may hurt him. As Akira doesn't do that, Madoka attacks him with his stick and turns it into katana. Akira manages to run around and escape his attacks, causing Madoka to believe Akira's ability isn't good for fighting. However, Akira states he hesitated using it as its too dangerous. Madoka then believes his ability takes time to charge and rushes at him, but as he does, Akira places his hand towards him stating that his ability turns his hand into a cannon. Madoka immediately recalls Mion's ability and in that moment Akira hand turns into a cannon. He then shoots at a desk, causing a blast and pushing Madoka back. As he points his cannon at Madoka, Madoka has no other choice but to surrender.

During the second program, Madoka and Akira, along with three others, Yuri, Satoru and Shin, are placed in a team for a team battle. After revealing their abilities to each other, they learn the team battle is actually one on one fights. Madoka faces Saeko Zokumyoin, who at the start of the battle uses a slingshot to shoot a marble at him. Madoka deflects it and then sees the marble turning big and crushing the ground, making him realize that if he attempted to catch it or dodge it, she would have enlarged it and hit him. Madoka then proceeds to deflect or cut Saeko's marbles. In a last attempt, she uses all of her marbles surrounding him and creating a single path. She then rolls a large marble in the path and hides behind it, as Madoka cuts the marble she jumps out and attempts to shoot at him at closer distance to not allow him time to counter, however, breaking a piece of his stick, Madoka creates a small knife which he throws and cuts the rubber on the slingshot. He reveals he anticipated this and asks her to surrender. Saeko thanks him, knowing that he is stronger than her, he would look down on her, but she knew he would ask her to surrender and not cut her down. A marble then rolls under Madoka's legs and enlarges, hitting him in the crotch and knocking him out with Saeko taking the victory.


  • Handcuffs: These handcuffs serves to seal Madoka's ability. When the red light turning in green signals, it means that the lock has been released. Five seconds after it turns green, you will regain the use of your hands as well as your abilities. The further journey in the series the handcuffs is only use in the game but in the outside world the handcuff is useless anymore.

Blade Master[]

[真剣師 lit. Shinken-shi]

  • Description: To create sword that cut through anything out of wood.
    • Madoka's ability can create or turn a piece of wood into a sword that can cut anything. A big piece of wood can turn into a big sword, while a short piece of wood can turn into a short dagger-like sword. Due to his experience of become delinquent, he have experienced in combat able to analyze any movement of the opponent. Later on, Madoka discovered that he can also cut abilities as well.
    • How he thinks his ability works:
      1. Although the paper says "sticks", it works on any piece of wood that can be held in hand.
      2. The blades can cut through anything.
      3. The wood turns into blades appropriate to its length based on Kirisaki's thoughts.
      4. Wooden swords and long wooden branches turn into katana, small twigs turn into daggers, etc.
      5. It also possible for the blade to revert to their forms. Blades which lose contact with Kirisaki revert back to wood within seconds.
      6. Kirisaki has access to an unlimited number of weapon when fighting in forested areas, which makes them a favorable terrain for him.
      7. The blades he creates can cut through "anything", this implies anything on an absolute level. By this logic he is able to 'cut through other abilities' and forcibly cancel them (as seen during the fight against Lollipop Girl).


  • He shares some characteristics with Roronoa Zoro from One Piece.
    • They prefer not to cut women or people who are weak.
    • They both share the same voice actor.


  • The name Madoka means "circle, yet, round, money, rotund" (円).
  • Madoka's surname Kirisaki means "fog, mist, haze" (霧) (kiri) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki).