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Akira Shiroyanagi (白柳 啓, Shiroyanagi Akira) is the main character in Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting series. His ability is whatever the other person thinks it is. As it turns out, he actually played and completed the program before with Mion, but he decided to do it over in order to get revenge on her.


Akira is a boy that's normally portrayed wearing a classic high school uniform. He also wears a light brown coat on top of his uniform. Unlike a normal high school student, his uniform is not tucked in: making him look laid-back or not giving much importance about his appearance. Akira appears to have brown short hair and eyes of the same color, light skin, and seems to have an average height for a Japanese teenager.


Due to being a naturally born prodigy and accomplishing everything with great ease, Akira has become very bored and detached individual. As he said that he truly seeks thrilling experience, that would make him escape boring life.

Probably due to this he is almost always inhumanly calm and level headed. Even in face of danger he can maintain composure.



Akira stays all night and plays a game, but his opponents often rage quit, annoying him as he can't climb the ladder. In the morning, he decides to go to school. He finds studying easy and boring. On his way to school, a van stops and a large man comes out. Suddenly the man smashes a car and then makes eye contact with Akira and starts attacking him. Akira manages to run away and decides to consider this as a "game". He manages to hide in an old abandoned building, which he knows well and calls the police. The man follows him, but using his strength he manages to avoid the buildings weak points. He reaches Akira on the top floor, but Akira activates a trap he prepared. The man then jumps the gap, but expecting this, Akira pulls out a long metal pipe and uses it to pierce the man as he lands. Akira then leaves the building, but finds a woman who comments she predicted he would get here, but didn't expect him to defeat her "pet", yet its still a "scripted loss" for him. She blows his right arm and side, leaving him to die from blood loss. Yet Akira seems fine with it as hearing "scripted loss", makes him realize there is a condition and he isn't dead yet.

Akira later wakes up surrounded by doctors. As he gets up, he sees he is handcuffed and they tell him to go into the next room, where everything is going to be explained. In the next room, Akira sees a large group of handcuffed people. The woman that killed him then appears on stage and introduces herself as Mion-chan, a magician. She explains they are considered dead for the outside world and will be testers in their new game. One of the men attacks her, but she turns her hand into a cannon and blows a hole in him. Mion explains each had been given an ability. However the handcuffs prevent them from using their abilities and they can use it five seconds after the handcuffs are off. Yan comes and explains that the first program would be 1 on 1 battles and each will be given 20 hours to prepare and learn their ability. In his room, Akira finds an envelope that states his ability is what his opponent thinks his ability is.



[詭弁家 (ソフィスト), lit. Kibenka (Sophist)]

  • Description: Whatever other person thinks your ability is.
    • It is the ability of Akira which consists of the fact that the rest believes in its existence. It works on the principle that Akira needs to say something about his ability to his enemy, and if the enemy believes in it and imagines it in its head, then it instantly materializes, giving Akira advantages.
    • How he thinks his ability works:
      1. When the target of his ability (the other person) is selected
      2. If the target also targets or focuses on Akira, e.g. as an enemy or an ally
      3. Akira may use whatever ability that target thinks Akira possesses.
    • For Akira, the "other person" simply means the target of his ability.
      • For example, if a cannon materializes by designating person A as the "other person", fighting person B with the cannon doesn't re-designate the "other person" to them. Even if the opponent is person B, the target ("other person") for his ability is still person A.
      • In other words, Akira can designate anyone as the "other person" and freely change it.
    • Imagined Abilities are (in chronological order):
      • Cannon
      • Telepathy
      • Teleportation
      • Wrath of God (failed due to lack of skill)
      • To morph into the person they think he would be.
      • Blade Master
      • Mediator
      • 10 times ability
      • Lollipop Girl


  • The name Akira means "enlightenment" (啓).
  • Akira's surname Shiroyanagi means "white" (白) (shiro) and "willow" (柳) (yanagi).